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What can be done to improve the warehouse? How to create an optimal logistics project? - That is, how to shape the logistics in a company so that it becomes more efficient and functional. By making key decisions at the planning stage, you can optimise all processes: purchasing and procurement, inventory, warehouse, production, transport and distribution? With us, you gain time and money and free up human resources that you can delegate to other tasks. Our offer to you consists of the following steps:

Logistics planning in the Lubandy Logistic Services

Effective planning starts with the correct structure and method of collecting data about the enterprise - quantitative information about the following:

  • orders
  • goods flow volumes
  • transfer pieces
  • intensity during a day or shift (order profile – day profile)

The development of the aforementioned data gives the ability to create a mathematical model to base further logistics planning on, choose adequate processes and check their financial effectiveness.

The building plan is not sufficient for the warehouse optimisation process. It is a very complex process, which also consists of the following:

  • distribution planning
  • logistics planning
  • warehouse building plan
  • manufacturing and distribution planning

Only the integration of all of the above branches into a single coherent plan provides the concept of an optimal warehouse, which is fully functional, modern and adapted to constantly increasing enterprise and market requirements.

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