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VR - virtual reality in warehouse planning

Despite the fast changing trends on the IT market, our company tries to maintain a high level of digitisation in our work. Therefore, from July 2017 in our warehouse designing we are utilising virtual reality (VR). Our Customers can nearly tangibly experience the processes that will take place in their warehouse after the changes - even before making the decision about the execution.

Interactive warehouse

We use DEMO3D models are transform the design into a virtual reality. The user can enter the virtual warehouse, move around it and test out its new functionality. VR modules also allow for integration with actual models, thanks to which we able to easily check how well adapted is the plan of changes to the current warehouse flow. Learn more:

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How does it work? See video:

Benefits of warehouse planning with the use of VR

An interactive warehouse environment which we can present to the Customer during the planning stage has its huge benefits. These mainly include the following:

  • flow of materials and movement of employees are presented in an actual manner, exactly the way it will look after the project is implemented,
  • objects are real, they are subjected to forces known from the real world (gravitation, friction, inertia), there is no phenomenon of faking reality,
  • it is possible to precisely imitate all the details of the warehouse or display its main outlines,
  • for video shots, we can freely set the view and camera angle and in the case of playing a warehouse animation, it is possible to use the options of pedestrian crossing or bird’s-eye view.

You can also see how we are planning our warehouse in a 3D version.

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