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Warehouse designing

Warehouse designing is based on the experts’ estimation of the optimal warehouse surface and capacity, with consideration of the Customer’s needs, specifics of the conducted activity, lot location, developmental and other conditions, individual features.

Correct warehouse arrangement will allow your company to effectively and comfortably use the warehouse space after the investment is concluded. Adequate warehouse design allows to decrease maintenance costs in a long-term perspective. The warehouse planning services also includes a logistics project.

Having a warehouse design:

  • you will gain certainty that the constructed/reconstructed warehouse will be optimised for the logistic needs of your enterprise (in terms, among others, of the sizes, shapes and location on the lot);
  • you will avoid the risk of erroneous decisions, and thus – unnecessary costs;
  • you will optimise the costs of warehouse construction and organisation;
  • you will improve logistics processes.

The warehouse designs made by us constitute supplementation of services executed by construction companies and architectural workshops which do not possess professional logistics knowledge, which is required for the correct organisation and optimisation of warehouse space. We dedicate the service to any company that intends to undertake an important investment in the scope of warehouse organisation, reconstruction or construction from the bottom up.

According to the common belief, a warehouse should consist of three zones: admission, storage and shipment. Our company will choose adequate solutions for your warehouse to become as efficient as possible and to include everything necessary when thinking about possible changes in the future.

Are you interested in a warehouse design? Contact us. We will select the most beneficial solution for your enterprise and present the ROI (return on investment) time.

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