Warehouse designing

Warehouse planning involves calculating the optimum area and capacity for a warehouse, taking into account the needs of the client and its customers, the specifics of the business, the location of the plot, the development conditions and other individual characteristics. The aim, however, is always to optimise logistics processes - without compromise!

The right warehouse planning will allow your company to use the storage space efficiently and conveniently after the investment is completed. With the right warehouse design, you will be able to reduce maintenance costs in the long term. The warehouse planning service also includes an estimate of CAPEX and OPEX, FTE and ROI.

Having a warehouse design:

  • you can be sure that the warehouse you are building/renovating will be optimised to meet your company's logistical needs (in terms of, among other things, size, shape and location on the plot);
  • Avoid the risk of wrong decisions and thus unnecessary costs;
  • optimise construction costs (e.g. by reducing the area required) and organisation of the warehouse;
  • streamline logistics processes.

The warehouse projects we carry out are a complement to the services provided by construction companies and architectural studios that do not have the logistical expertise - essential for the correct organisation and optimisation of the warehouse space. We dedicate this service to any company that intends to undertake an important investment in the organisation of a warehouse, be it the reconstruction of a warehouse or the construction of a warehouse completely from scratch.

According to common belief, a warehouse should consist of three zones: receiving, storage and dispatching. However, the basic question remains: what configuration should these zones be in relation to each other? Our company will choose the right solutions to ensure that such a warehouse is efficient in terms of processes and contains everything necessary, bearing in mind what may change in the future.

Are you interested in warehouse design? Contact us. We will select the most advantageous solutions for your company and provide you with an ROI (return on logistics investment) period.

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