Independent logistics consulting

As part of our services, we offer logistics consultancy - professional support in making the right decisions in your company's key areas (production, warehouse, distribution) to increase the efficiency of your processes. Independent logistics consulting is provided by our team of practitioners - engineers and consultants with many years of experience in project management, logistics process planning and implementation of warehouse automation solutions. 

We offer warehouse logistics consultancy, i.e. managerial support in various areas of warehouse operations, depending on the client's needs. Logistics consultancy can help with many problems in a company, including picking or storage. It also focuses on reducing warehouse costs while increasing warehouse efficiency.

LLS is also involved in setting up the entire warehouse infrastructure with warehouse processes, we define the requirements to be met by the IT system supporting the warehouse processes and we develop the vision and concept of the logistics system. Find out how logistics consultancy can help your company.

Complex consulting from A to Z

When is the right time to hire a logistics consultant? BEFORE a company takes steps to optimise its warehouse. Why? A good analyst should first diagnose the problem and the areas affected. Only after the diagnosis does the 'treatment' begin, i.e. the optimisation and improvement of the warehouse and its flow processes. This is why at LLS we carry out logistics consultancy in several steps:

  1. DIAGNOZE - Quick Check logistics audit

    The audit provides an overview of the current state of logistics, defines the flow processes, the involvement of human resources and the problems that exist in them.
  2. THERAPY - Data analysis + Master Plan + Process simulations + Detail Plan + Project Management

    The Master Plan is a conceptual plan of the new logistics, taking into account the analysis of the current flow. In the Master Plan, we usually prepare 2-3 warehouse designs with justification for the choices made and a preliminary calculation of implementation (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX).
    The Detail Plan is the detailed planning of the approved version of the project. At this stage, we describe processes, functionalities, automation in detail. We present the design of the WMS and the technical specifications.
    Project Management is the realisation and implementation phase. We draw up tenders, analyse requests, verify documentation and implement warehouse automation.
  3. PROFILACITY - logistics consultancy

    Once the new logistics has been implemented in the warehouse, it is necessary to constantly observe and audit the processes taking place in the warehouse. Logistics consulting helps to manage changes in the organisation and human resources in the warehouse and helps to react quickly to changes. Thanks to continuous monitoring, optimisation changes can be made even before the first downtimes or problems arise that could not have been foreseen before. 

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Areas of logistics consulting in an enterprise

  • Warehouse and production - advice on logistics and flow of goods;
  • Bottlenecks - finding all areas that limit or slow down logistics processes, generating additional costs (logistics audit at QUICK-CHECK stage);
  • costs - support in optimising costs during the new warehouse planning process;
  • human resources - support in optimising the use of labour resources, increasing productivity and efficiency;

Logistics consultancy is the preparation of coherent, effective and individually tailored solutions for a company to increase its efficiency and optimise processes and costs.

Benefits resulting from logistics consulting

  • obtaining an impartial, expert evaluation of the current state
  • increase in the effectiveness of activities
  • optimisation of the costs of logistics processes
  • increase in warehouse performance
  • reduction in the risk of making erroneous decisions
  • increase in the team’s performance
  • evaluation of the benefits of automated solutions
  • achieving better control over the manufacturing and warehousing processes
  • establishing a new direction of activities, focused on performance and profitability

Post-implementation logistics consulting

Through logistics consulting, we provide help to Enterprises in continuous process supervision, especially after implementing warehouse optimisation and automation. During individual meetings, experts - practitioners analyse the logistics data, make observations and talk with Customers about the problems that could not be predicted during the conceptual or detailed planning.

Logistics consulting includes the following:

  • continuous auditing of logistics processes
  • shift management
  • quick solution of key problems
  • individual optimisation proposals

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