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Glossary of logistics terms

Goods flow analysis in logistics

An estimation method based on the Sankey diagrams indicating the course, dependencies and results of streams of the warehouse’s incoming and outgoing units, which undergo subsequent shipment preparation processes.

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Warehouse automation

A set of machines and devices linked in a single control platform providing with its algorithms the opportunity to operate the warehouse and execute tasks based on controlling the goods stream flow. Warehouse automation positively affects logistics processes, including flow, storage and shipment of goods. It allows for saving human resources, time and money.

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Detail Plan

Detail Plan - detailed planning of the organisation of the company’s warehouse and logistics flow. The Detail Plan mainly takes into account the following:

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Logistics consulting

Also referred to as logistics consulting, it is a set of services in the scope of optimising the current state of the enterprise’s logistics and warehousing. It is based on a practical glance of previous activities, identifying the weakest points, optimising them and determining the opportunities for further development.

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Process mapping

Graphical representation of operations and processes including their mutual relation. Symbols and graphic icons are used when describing particular process map elements.

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Master Plan

Conceptual planning - the first stage of workable warehouse planning taking place after an audit. During the Master Planning, we take into account the customer’s needs, most important warehousing principles (analysis of subsequent processes, sizes of logistic flows) and the available technical solutions (shelves, conveyors, automation).

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Quick Check

Quick Check - the so-called quick audit of logistics processes, the task of which is to recognise the current situation in the warehouse and to propose optimisation of its processes.

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Warehouse logistics project

A set of activities (e.g. Master Plan) and their stages of execution, the aim of which is to plan the logistics process inside the warehouse in the scope of three main factors:

  • time
  • costs
  • quality
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Sankey diagram

Also referred to as the stream diagram, it is a graphical representation of the balance (e.g. for assets, power). The image consists of strands with relevant width proportional to the represented value. What is important on the Sankey diagram is that the total width of entry strands is equal to the total width of exit strands. Thanks to stream diagrams, it is possible to easily identify the areas featuring process losses (stream analysis).

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