What makes us different?

0 thous.
Over 13,000 hours design per year
20 projects on average annually for implementation
0 thous. sq m
approximately 250,000 sq m of space warehouse planned annually
0 mln
over 1,000,000 order lines
implemented daily

Geography of implementations

We performed executions for many customers from various corners of the world. We worked for companies, among others, from: Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Where we act

About the company

Lubandy Logistic Services has been in business since 2008. Our main tasks revolve around warehouse planning and automation. We base all new solutions on the experience we have gained over the years in various industries. You can see our realisations and convince yourself of the versatile application of warehouse logistics.

From the very beginning, certain values have been important to us, which make cooperation with our customers successful and successful. These are:

  • partnership in mutual relations
  • communication at every stage, allowing the introduction of modifications and changes adapted to current needs
  • understanding based on the experience of both parties: the client as the main user of the planned process and LLS managing multiple projects

We aim to create a WIN-WIN situation between the Customer and the Supplier. We become a kind of link in the chain of planning and implementation of a logistics project. On the basis of our comprehensive experience, we make the best possible logistics plan to achieve optimum conditions for the flow of goods in your company.

What we do?

The logistics project includes several strategic stages:

  • A quick audit of the so-called "Quick-Check" will give an overview of the current situation of your logistics and suggest first improvements. At the same time, it is our showcase and a way of testing our range of competences in operational practice and not just in theory.
  • A conceptual plan (master-plan), in which we analyse your process and order data. On the basis of this, we prepare an initial implementation calculation.
  • Detail-plan - at this stage, we work out in great detail all the measures we want to implement, including the description of processes, functionalities and automation in accordance with the applicable standards.
  • Implementation and project management - we bring the plan to life, put it out to tender, suggest possible technological solutions and verify the technical documentation. We take comprehensive care of proper project implementation.
  • Consultancy and advisory - after the implementation of the project, we offer corrective and improvement measures tailored to the current needs of the company, including the possibility of expanding the current warehouse and logistics facilities.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with our full offer.

Awards and distinctions

Constantinus Award 2021

Dear partners, customers and employees!

There are many moments which cause a lot of joy in working life, but there is also this very special one...

Yesterday evening (2021.09.24) our company was awarded the second place for the best consulting project abroad within the CONSTANTINUS AWARD 2021! This is our joint project with our clients - company Empik S.A. in Poland!

Besides pride, we are also very grateful for the support and implementation in the highly complex project. Special thanks to all employees of the company empik, who participated in the project for their patience and commitment, the many employees of the subcontractors, who significantly shaped the success and our project team ... simply for everything!

It was one of the most complex projects in our company history. A real challenge. Both in the development phase and in the implementation. The pandemic period was not exactly helpful. But we did it and hope that this project will help empik to achieve further success in the market.

Many thanks to all!

Constantinus Award 2012

One of the most prestigious awards in the world of consulting and IT is the Constantinus Award - a distinction awarded by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for over a dozen years. 

In 2012, the winner of the Constantinus Award 2012 was Lubandy Services. We took first place in the  International Consulting Project category thanks to our execution titled “Logistics management in ALBA Ukraine”. We worked for over 3 years on the project with the aforementioned company. Partnership, professionalism and experience lead us not only to the successful implementation of the project and achieving the expected effects, but also to recognition on the international consulting stage.

We are very proud of this!

Consultants without borders

The company "LLS" was honored on February 1st , 2020 with the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation award in the category "Consultants without borders". We were able to convince the jury with the project at ASKLEPIY Group. We would like to express our pride that we feel with the words of SCM Director Ms. Diliara Shaihutdinova:

I share with you my positive feelings and my pride - the project to develop the OXYmed pharmacy chain, led by the consultant Feskov Anatoly, was the winner of the international competition of the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation in the category "Consultants without borders"! The project was carried out in Uzbekistan with support and funding from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). It was carried out by consultants from Sweden Björn Ericsson, Ukraine - Yuri Akhunov, Russia - Pavel Lisovsky, what made this project really international and successful! The recommendations of consultants for implementing the Kaizen principles, integrating new IT products, improving warehouse processes, inventory management and training pharmacists contributed to the expansion of the OXYmed pharmacy network and the delivery of medicines to the remotest corners of Uzbekistan.
I thank the consultants and employees of the EBRD for their active support in the development of all business processes of the company!”

See ga-foundation.org

Strategic partners

As mentioned above, we put huge emphasis on the principles of partnership, communication and understanding of the business on which we are working. We translate these values into our relations with other entities that support us in our activity.
Mutual support of professionals from all disciplines required for the execution of logistics projects is the measure of success. We are very proud to present to you several of our strategic Partners. They are always ready to aid us in the optimal execution of your project. Our mutual relations are a guarantee of the timeliness and highest standard of execution of each project. We will be glad to help you in the future!