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Project Management - logistics project management

In the diagrams for managing the project of warehouse automation, the main objectives of executing the project for the owner are mainly based on three aspects:

  • time
  • cost
  • quality

How to reconcile the three, often divergent, objectives? A well-developed logistics plan along with relevant qualifications in project management is a recipe for success. For this reason, we undertake challenges of the most complicated implementations lasting several months and we offer services of project management, relying on multiple years of experience, several dozen huge implementations and knowledge of our team of experts.

Services as part of project management

Our role at the customer’s side starts adequately early before the first equipment deliveries are made. As part of the Project Management (automation implementation) service provided by us, we engage in the following areas:

  • schedule
  • tender
  • documentation
  • implementation supervision

Project Management - how we act?


  • development of a timetable for implementing organisational changes in the customer’s warehouse space
  • determination of a workable implementation time in co-operation with the customer and potential suppliers, taking into consideration the relations on the supply market
  • determination of the duration of the post-commissioning stage required to achieve full system performance and efficiency


  • preparation of a reference list of potential suppliers in the given discipline
  • evaluation of the substantive contents of submitted bids using a price and technical analysis of device parameters
  • preparation of technical conditions for an execution in supplementation to the commercial part of concluded contracts


  • verification of the technical documentation of a project
  • specification of the costs of use, not only of purchase
  • establishment of quality indicators for the warehouse automation system, e.g. degrees of system availability during use (acc. to FEM 9_222 or VDI 3581)


  • commissioning supervision
  • support in implementing warehouse automation

Project Management with experience

We should remember that each project and each implementation is unique and unparalleled. There are no two identical logistic structures. Only vast experience in this type of projects, years of practice and an in-depth analysis of the given case study leads to a successful implementation. The Lubandy Logistic Services experts possess all of these features.

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