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3D modelling

When developing the new warehouse plan3D modelling, in other words, three-dimensional designing, becomes irreplaceable. Thanks to computer simulations, we are able to create a nearly real image of the warehouse space including all of its devices taking part in the process. 3D modelling is one of the most effective tools for evaluating a design and comparing its various concepts, thus allowing for selecting the optimal variant.

Warehouse facilities in 3D

The facilities that we can design in our 3D warehouse simulations mainly include the following:

  • any type of conveyors (belt, bucket, continuous, etc.)
  • warehousing technology (high storage automatic warehouses, manual warehouses)
  • sorters (e.g. sliding, with tilting trays)
  • floor conveyors (including manual and driven fork-lifts, transport systems without a driver)
  • manufacturing machines (lathes, milling machines, cutting machines, industrial robots)
  • station operators (including, among others, manufacturing machine operators, warehouse employees dealing with transport and order completion)

Thanks to 3D modelling and virtual reality, the customer is not “blind” when purchasing a warehouse design. He or she can check it precisely in terms of performance, functionality and comfort of use, BEFORE making the decision about the investment. See the video:

order a 3D design

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Selected 3D design implementations

Another step which also reflects the actual warehouse structure is the simulation via virtual reality. See detailed video.

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