3D modelling

When developing a plan for a new warehouse, dynamic 3D modelling, in other words three-dimensional design with dynamic equipment elements, becomes indispensable. Thanks to computer emulations, we are able to render an almost real image of the warehouse space with all its equipment in motion involved in the process. 3D modelling is one of the most effective tools for evaluating a project and comparing its various concepts, ultimately allowing the optimal option to be selected.

Warehouse facilities in 3D

The objects that we can design in our 3D warehouse projects are mainly:

  • conveyors of all kinds (belt, bucket, roller, etc.), respecting the laws of physics
  • storage technology (manual warehouses, automatic container warehouses, high-bay warehouses)
  • sorters (e.g., sliding, swing-out trays)
  • material handling equipment (including manual, mobile fork-lift trucks, driverless transport systems)
  • operating machinery (e.g. industrial robots)
  • job operators (including warehouse staff for transport and order picking)

Thanks to 3D modelling and virtual reality, the customer does not buy a warehouse design 'blind'. He or she can check it thoroughly in terms of performance, functionality and convenience of use, BEFORE making an investment decision. See video:

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Selected 3D design implementations

The next step, which further reflects the real structure of the warehouse, is to simulate the process on a workstation using virtual reality. See detailed video.

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